The Ultimate Wipe-Out™ : Keep your studio clean!

The natural cleaner is non-toxic, biodegradable, Non-flammanbe, low vapor.

It can be used on natural or synthetic brushes.

Our solvents are powerful and effective at the removal of dried paint and most adhesives yet offer a healthier clean with non-flammable, low vapor formulas.
Solvents dissolve easily with soap and water.
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Brush Restorer

ID AT101
Size (AT101-4 4oz Bottle - Each) Quantity (Each)

Dissolves and removes both oil and water base paints and clear coats. Non-flammable,...

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The Ultimate Wipeout™

Size (WPO-4 4 oz - Each) Quantity (Each)

Excellent for Removing Latex and enamel paints, adhesives, paper labels, permanen...

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